Friday, October 21, 2011


We are back from our NCL Gem sailing to Bermuda and I wanted to update about our experiences with their kids crew. I did my usual WARNING to the counselors about my youngest. We've had some "issues" in the past with other kids clubs (AHEM! Carnival Rubber Shark Abuse) And I have been known to be a little, let's just say, um, critical of other kids clubs because, let's face it - we ALL want the BEST care for our kids. I have to say WITHOUT A DOUBT that the Kids Crew Counselors on Gem ARE THE BEST, MOST PATIENT, AWESOME and PHEW STRESS FREE Kids club experience that we have EVER had!

I started by asking for the phone for my 7 year old (which they usually don't do) because I told them that they WILL want to be in contact with me when they want to be rescued from my HIGHLY ENERGETIC 7 year old. They reluctantly gave me a phone for the first night. I said "PLEASE feel free to CALL me, you are going to WANT to call me!" I have been down this path before. Well, color me surprised when I showed up at 10pm for the first pick up and the AMAZING "GYPSY" said "We WILL be taking your phone away! You do NOT need one. Yes, your daughter is energetic. But, she is not mean. She is doing GREAT! And we can handle her!"

GOD BLESS THEM!!!! A kids club that understands my spunky little kid!!!! I knew this was going to be a WONDERFUL cruise. I wasn't going to be glued to a phone waiting for the next "rubber shark abuse" phone call, terrified of hearing the phone ring. EVERY pick up was pleasant. EVERY comment and interaction from the counselors was a JOY! This was not what we were used to. This is our 11th cruise with the kids. We are no strangers to kids clubs.

So I have to say to GYPSY, JASMINE, FLIP FLOP, CUPID and ALL of the GEM KIDS CREW - THANK YOU for making this such a wonderful experience for my kids. They never wanted to leave. They went to a pirate parade, attended a PJ Party, played survivor, had a Kids Crew Dinner and partied on the pool deck during the "Family Deck Party".

And GYPSY, my 7 year old wants to challenge you to a cartwheel contest, you better start practicing ; - ) I'll bring the chocolate covered strawberries so you can keep your energy up!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, just came across your site as I had been wanting to confirm the Disney Fantasy has safe balconies for my two granddaughters ages 2 & 4 yrs old.
My daughter and husband are takimg them but even though we have cruised a lot it is me the neurotic grandpa who is checking out.
I just had to chuckle reading about the staff requesting their phone back. Lovely
Cheers / Rob

jony said...

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