Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do we really need to arrive a day early for the cruise?

YES, if you want to make sure you are ON the ship when it sails, then fly in the day before and spend at least one day pre-cruise in a hotel.

In this climate of delayed and cancelled flights, there is just no guarantee that the flight arrangements you make will get you there on time.

I have had flights cancelled for everything from mechanical problems to fog. For this next cruise alone, my flights have been changed four times since I booked the tickets 3 months ago.

So don’t miss the ship. Go at least one day early and make sure you are standing on the ship when it sails.

What can the kids eat on a cruise?

The answer is easy…anything they like (or anything you will allow them to have).

Most mainstream cruiselines have a kids’ menu that will list the normal kids fare – pizza, chicken tenders, hamburgers, pasta, fruit, salads and desserts.

Can your child order off of the adult menu? Of course! If your adventurous eater wants to try escargot…no problem! Any selection on the main menu is also available for the kids.

The beauty of cruising is that most requests will be granted. Does your child want to eat buttered pasta for 7 nights straight? No problem. Do you have a child with allergies? No problem – contact the cruiseline’s “Special Needs Department” and fill out the forms before you board (do it at least 2 weeks prior).

Even babies have lots of choices. With all of the fresh fruit and steamed veggies onboard, there is always a great selection of items to be pureed or mashed.

Rest assured, with all of the great dining choices available on most ships, you will have no problem keeping even the pickiest eater satisfied.