Friday, July 10, 2009

No Rubber Shark Abuse Allowed on Carnival Triumph

So I guess after my review on Cruise Critic, the "rubber shark" story has become infamous. So I figured I would retell it here.....

My daughters and I went on a girls only trip celebrating the end of the school year. We decided to do Carnival Triumph out of New York City - a nice little drive, no need for airfare.

This would be our 3rd Carnival Cruise. So we are no strangers to Camp Carnival. Formal Night - the kids beg to go to the "Camp Formal Dinner" I go to the camp and explain at each drop off that my girls will want to sit together because when the Little Sis sees the Big Sis, she is going to want to eat with her. "NO PROBLEM" was the answer from each counselor. And it wasn't a problem on the other CARNIVAL ships. So I follow the kids groups to the Lido deck, see that my kids find each other and hug each other, I turn to go to meet some people for dinner. I guess after I walked away, the counselors came and told my youngest to go sit with her own group. She cried. They said she couldn't sit with my oldest. So she was upset. But she calmed down.

By 8pm, I was waiting in the dining room lobby with friends to attend Late Seating dinner when my Camp Carnival phone rang. They said that my daughter was "Hitting other children with a toy" - Mortified, I excuse myself and go running to Camp Carnival. I see her playing kitchen with another little girl -- no problem. I tell them who I am and ask "She is hitting the kids with toys????" The response - "ohhh noo noo noo, she took this rubber shark and hit that metal pole. She did it a few times, we told her not to, she did it again, so we called you"

A rubber shark? Seriously?

They couldn't handle a 5 year old with a rubber shark? The counselor said "Well she doesn't have to leave but you have to talk to her" Well since I was now very late for dinner, I just took her with me and we headed back to the cabin, where we ate ham and cheese sandwiches. So if your kids are preschoolers, be sure you talk to them about the dangers of abusing the rubber shark on Triumph. ;)

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