Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blackbeards Cay Stingray Excursion - Nassau Bahamas

Activity Level: Moderate
Duration: 4.5-5 hours
Price (through cruise line): Adult: $49 (ages 10 and up)
Child: $39 (ages 3-9)
Ages: 3 And Up

First let me start by saying that this place is the MOST beautiful place ever, better than Castaway Cay {}...better than any beach anywhere. And we've been to alot of beaches.

At 9:45 we were to meet in Diversions (on Wonder) to meet with the Crew Member to take us to Nassau.

By 10am, we got off the ship as a group and met up with Tyrone from the Stingray Tour. A short walk through the port building and out the other side to the boat. We boarded the boat for a 20 minute ride to Blackbeards Cay (had to turn around for a family who missed the boat but still arrived in about 25-30minutes.

There are two sides for swimming....

the swimming area WITHOUT the stingrays....

And the stingray enclosure area.

They provide the mask, goggles and vest - no charge

And they provide the squid....

to feed these guys (who are debarbed)

You can leave the water as much as you want. The area is shallow. My 4 year old felt safer on dry land. (funny cause SHE was the one who wanted to swim with the rays)

You can come and go as you please during the stingray feeding times. They are every hour. They also serve lunch (included with the excursion) - the choices were hamburger/cheeseburger/pizza, bag of chip and a soft drink.

For $10 you can hold the stingray and get a professional picture taken with it. For $10 you can get your arrival photo of you and your family at the dock. For $17, you can do a combo package and get both.

There are restroom facilities here - very clean. You can get the kids hair braided and buy some local items set up on a table. My kids were a little freaked out by the rays. Some other kids had NO problems. They were all happy on the regular beach side. The one with no rays. That is until a Wild ray - complete with barb swam into the area and freaked them ALL out of the
We would NO DOUBT book this excursion again. The beach was better than Castaway Cay. It truly had a "deserted island" feel to it. We loved it!

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