Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insurance, Insurance, Insurance!

Cruising with children takes planning. One of the most important things you need to remember is to GET TRAVEL INSURANCE for your cruise. And make sure that the travel insurance, if purchased through the cruiseline, also covers the air travel.

In the media recently, there is a story that talks about a family who was "abandoned in Nassau by a ruthless cruiseline" due to their infant becoming sick.

Taking a closer look at the story and you will see that the family had no passports and no insurance. So the baby's illness (and we all know how fast kids can become sick) left the family to pay for the expense out of pocket.

In our own family, we had a similar situation. Our youngest got sick and needed to be medevacced off the ship. But the difference between us and the story in the news is we had INSURANCE.

I can't stress it enough. For a young family, the cost of travel insurance is pretty inexpensive. What if your child gets an ear infection and can't fly to board the cruise? What if your child breaks a leg and can't cruise? We all know that things happen. Don't make the same mistake that the family in the news did, be prepared for what *may* happen.

Make sure if you are using a travel agent that the agent links the air portion of your travel as well. We learned the hard way and had to pay $1,250 out of pocket to get back from one of our cruises since the travel agent didn't link the airfare to the insurance.

Be informed. Be prepared. You just never know what's going to happen.


David said...

Michelle...I love your site. I am trying to organize a trip for my familly. I have 2 boys (4 and 2) I am planning on going on Independence of the Seas. Is there anything I should know?

deemk said...

i love your site and all your informative posts on cruisecritic. i do have a specific question for you, but i don't see an email link on your blog. do you prefer we just post our questions on your comment section? if you don't mind emailing me, i'd love to ask you some questions that way... thanks!

cruisinmama said...

deeanna - you can email me at

David - Independence of the Seas will be a great ship for the boys.

Here are some highlights from that ship...

--The pools are all freshwater.

--There is a Johnny Rockets Onboard ($3.95 surcharge, all you can eat, except shakes), Ben & Jerry's (pay for it), Sorrento's Pizza and Cafe Promenade (Pizza Place with salad, desserts, specialty breads...then coffee bar with deli), free soft servce ice cream by the H20 zone.

--Two specialty restaurants Portofino and Chops (no one under 13 admitted after the 6pm reservation)

--Adult only solarium with hot tubs that hang over the side of the ship

--H20 zone waterpark for kids

--Main Sports pool

--Parades through the Promenade

--Three level dining room

--Golf Simulator, Rock climbing, 9 Hole Mini Golf, Boxing Ring, Ice Skating Rink, Roller Blading, Basketball court

--Flowrider (surfing)

--kids hot tubs.

--Pirate Parades, kids are dressed as pirates and they parade all over the ship and through late seating dinner

--The kids put on a circus, live, in costume in the Promenade

--Kids Talent Show (they can bring their own talent or they are given one...the youngest ones are taught an animal song dance) All kids are awarded a medal at the show...don't miss this!

--Family Scavenger Hunts

--Family Karaoke

--Family night at the Disco

--For the adults, don't miss Quest or the Not So Newlywed Game

--Ice shows

--Comedy Shows


--Trivia and Family Trivia (Cartoon Theme Songs)

Can you tell I REALLY like these

The children's menu and the Adventure Ocean schedules for the Freedom Ships (not Indy yet because it's so new) are here...

Just click on RCCL Adventure Ocean

jenseib said...

Who do you usually get insurance with? I didn;t know you could lionk arifair with your cruise reservation? Or any otehr for that matter. We usually do arifare ourselves and have AAA do our vacation.

cruisinmama said...

My TA handles my insurance now. She makes sure that all is linked together.

AAA travel was the company that I booked the Disney Cruise with, the ones who didn't link the air :(

If you want to research ways to insure the whole vacation go to